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CCS811 Sensor and Simblee™ Bluetooth® Ecosystem

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CCS811 Sensor and Simblee™ Bluetooth® Ecosystem

ams and RF Digital air quality sensor for mobile, IoT, and smart cities

ams has teamed up with RF Digital to produce sensor products for the Internet of Things (IoT) world. ams’ CCS811 is an ultra-low power air quality sensor in a very small 10-lead 2.7 mm x 4 mm LGA package and -5°C to +50°C temperature range. The CCS811 takes a 1.8 V to 3.6 V input with low current consumption of 26 mA.

RF Digital provides the Simblee Bluetooth Ecosystem which provides the bidirectional communication needed for the connected world. The Simblee platform offers connectivity to the Cloud of the ams sensor which is ideal for mobile connected networking applications today. Simblee is fully certified with FFC/IC and others. The RFD77312 is an Arduino™ sensor shield and the RFD77808 is a factory programmed kit for the with the CCS811 air quality sensor.

  • Air quality sensor
  • Voltage supply: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Current supply: 26 mA
  • Temperature operating range: -5°C to +50°C
  • Package/case: 10-lead LGA (2.7 mm x 4 mm)
  • Simblee fully certified: FCC/IC, CE: ETSI, TELEC/MIC
  • Arduino compatible shield
  • Wearables and handhelds
  • Healthcare
  • Medical
  • Gaming
  • Hunting
  • IoT
  • Smart cities
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart retail