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50 billionaires born! China Electronics First Street

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-05-14
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Speaking of Huaqiangbei, I believe many people have thought of it as the "China Electronics First Street" honorary title.

Electronic enthusiasts, both domestic and foreign, are familiar with this world-famous street. Starting in the 90s, this is where electronic products and digital appliances are distributed. Here is the famous "one-meter counter" that carries every change in Chinese electronic products. It was also the birthplace of billionaires and witnessed Shenzhen’s reform and opening up.

However, as long as people often read the news, they will find that Huaqiang North, which was already in the midst of the sky, has begun to decline. According to a daily economic news report, Huaqiang North now has stores that have switched to selling fruit.

From the peak to the bottom, what has Huaqiang North experienced in the end?

North of Zhongguancun and South of Huaqiangbei

Huaqiang North, a commercial street in Futian District, Shenzhen. As soon as you step out of the Huaqiang North subway station, you will find that this hundreds-meter-long block has gathered countless electronic stores.

If the rivers and lakes still keep such a ridiculous word, Huaqiang North will “be sneeze,” and the Pearl River Delta and even the national market will “follow the cold”.

Indeed, the past Huaqiang North is very lively, people come and go, there are pulling carts, carrying a big box. It can be said that Huaqiang North was the most dynamic place in Shenzhen at that time and it could be called a business card in Shenzhen.
Followers grew up in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The original Huaqiang North started with an industrial zone. According to relevant information, the North Guangdong Arms Factory moved into Shenzhen in 1979 and was named Huaqiang. Nearby roads have also begun to use this name. Therefore, the name of Huaqiangbei was born.

Before 1988, Huaqiangbei was actually just an ordinary street in Shenzhen. Its real transformation was in March 1988. At the time, the SEG Group took the opportunity to take the lead in Huaqiang North to engage in a 1,400 square meter SEG electronics market.

One stone provoked a thousand layers of waves. It was precisely because of SEG's leading position that many businesses and companies keenly perceived this opportunity and entered the Huaqiang North market one after another. The popularity of electronic matching business far exceeds everyone's imagination.

From 1988 to 1999, during the ten years, the business area of ​​Huaqiangbei continued to expand and gradually developed into China’s largest electronics market.

While the market is booming, it has also created a lot of grassroots counterattacks. According to related data, the majority of the Huaqiangbei electronics market Chaozhou and Wenzhou. These entrepreneurs caught up with the upsurge of electronic vitality accessories and became big bosses worth tens of millions. Southern Metropolis Daily once reported that in more than 30 years, Huaqiangbei has produced 50 billionaires and millions of millionaires.

However, it turns out that after anything has reached the top, if it does not use the right strategy, it will decline rapidly.

In the era of Internet+ today, the Zhongguancun in the north has transformed into a high-tech center and an Internet entrepreneurship base. Huaqiangbei is still the largest market for accessories and accessories, but there is also a title of “shanzhai” market.