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Air switch and leakage switch how to distinguish it?

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-04-09
Air switch is generally short-circuit protection, there are 3P three FireWire, 2P, then two FireWire or a fire zero, 1P, then a FireWire. Leakage switch, 3P to take four lines, in addition to the three FireWire, but also the zero line. In addition to the same as the air switch, short circuit protection, but also for leakage protection, generally used in a single-phase load, three-phase live wire current is different, the zero line will have a current, leakage switch is detected from the three-phase out Whether the current is coming back from the zero line or not, if there is a leak, the current will go from the point where it leaked and it will trip. Short circuit is generally a serious leakage, the switch detection current is large, it will trip, there is some leakage, the current is not great, the air switch will not trip, two leakage switch can be. Leakage switches are generally used in loads such as electric gates and water heaters where safety accidents may occur. The air switch is used in a wide range and it can be used anywhere.
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