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Chinese semiconductor device model naming method

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2017-12-14

The semiconductor device model is made up of five parts (field effect device, semiconductor special device, composite tube, PIN type tube and laser device type naming only third, fourth, fifth parts). The five parts are as follows:

Part one: the number of effective electrodes in semiconductor devices is represented by the number. 2- diode and 3- triode. Chip Electronics Stores was founded in 2003, specializing in electronic components distribution. We can provide you with electronics kits wholesales china.

The second part: the materials and polarity of semiconductor devices are expressed in Chinese phonetic alphabet. When the diode is used, the A-N type germanium material, the B-P type germanium material, the C-N type silicon material, and the D-P type silicon material are used. It represents the triode: A-PNP type germanium material, B-NPN type germanium material, C-PNP type silicon material, and D-NPN type silicon material.

The third part: the inner type of the semiconductor device is expressed in Chinese phonetic alphabet. P- tube and V- microwave tube, W- regulator, C- tube, Z- parameter rectifier, L- rectifier stack, S- pipe, N- pipe, tunnel damping U- optoelectronic devices, K- switch, X- low frequency power tube (F<3MHz, Pc<1W), G- high frequency low power tube (f>3MHz, Pc<1W), low frequency D- highpowervalve (f< 3MHz, Pc>1W A-), high frequency and high power tube (f>3MHz, Pc>1W), T- (thyristor controlled rectifier), Y- effect device, avalanche transistor B- and J- step recovery tube, CS- FET, BT- semiconductor devices, special FH- composite pipe, PIN-PIN pipe, JG- laser device.

The fourth part: the number is used to represent the serial number. Chip Electronics Stores has a wide unobstructed china Electronic Components Supplier.

The fifth part: using the Chinese phonetic alphabet to express the specification number.

For example, 3DG18 represents NPN type silicon material high frequency triode. If you want to get more information, please click Electronic Components Manufacturer.