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How to pick a washing machine(Washers - Bushing, Shoulder)

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-03-07
This should be considered in many ways. Who often uses it? If it's the elderly, I suggest using semi-automatic (double barrel). It's mainly simple and practical, and the capacity is large enough to operate alone.

If young people commonly used words can choose automatic automatic washing machine now basically all stainless steel barrels general household use 5-5.5 kg can now have no empty holes and two non empty water must dry the clothes and certainly not as free function, good There are both advantages and disadvantages. individually adjustable time good so you can according to your dirty clothes cleaning degree function of sterilization is the best time to kill the children's clothes like underwear sterilization also avoid the breeding of bacteria in the washing machine if the water is not convenient to choose on drainage (it can also lower the lateral drainage) are basically plate you can use it to see it hit the leg concave degree can be seen the extent of its thickness (certainly thick good) I think do not have to look at it is not necessarily a big brand products The main thing is to see what it is famous for, so that professional expertise is the best. As long as you master these points, I guess you can choose the washing machine that is suitable for you.

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