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How to remove the fluorescent tube? How to replace the fluorescent tube?

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores
  • Release on :2018-08-03

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Nowadays, many households install fluorescent lamps, because such lighting is not only energy-saving, but also very convenient to use. Pay attention to the installation method when installing. If the lamp fails, replace it in time. When disassembling, be careful to avoid damage to the line. . Then how to remove the fluorescent tube and how to replace the fluorescent tube to understand the relevant knowledge.

How to remove the fluorescent tube?

1. Turn off the daylight power. After the old fluorescent lamp has a notch rotation of 90 degrees at both ends, the double needle pulls out from the gap and the other end can be pulled out.

2, the old electronic rectifier without gap, is flexible, the right hand holds the right plastic head, the left hand holds the tube to the right to push about 1 cm, then the left needle of the tube is out, while the left hand moves down The lamp holder, the left hand then pulls out the lamp to the left front.

3. If it is an aluminum alloy for LED tubes, if you want to disassemble the inside, there are two Phillips screws on both ends, which can be removed with a screwdriver. Do not disassemble the LED tube that does not understand the electronics.

4. At present, there are glass LED tubes on the market. This is a one-time use. The two ends are thrown away with the glue stained, and there is no maintenance value. In order to avoid disassembly, it may hurt your hand.

How to replace the fluorescent tube?

1. To install a new fluorescent tube, insert the tube into the socket and turn the tube to fix it. If the lamp is dark, flickering, or flickering, replace the lamp. The fluorescent lamp can be easily repaired by replacement.

2. If you suspect that a part may be faulty, replace it with a new one. First, you can install a new tube from the fluorescent tube or bulb. If you are not sure whether the tube is burnt, test the old tube in another fluorescent tube. You can remove it from the socket by turning the old tube. Install the new lamp in the same way - insert the lamp pin into the socket and turn the lamp to secure it.

3. To install the starter in the fluorescent lamp, simply insert the starter into its socket and tighten it to secure it. If the lamp is not faulty, try replacing the starter. Fluorescent starters are rated by power, so it is important to use the correct starter for the tubes in the fixture.

4. The method of removing the old starter is the same as the method of removing the old lamp, and it is taken out of the lamp socket by turning. When installing the new starter, simply plug it into the socket and turn it to lock it in place.