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How to use a camera to save more electricity

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-08-07

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Have you ever been out for a photo shoot only to find that your battery forgot to charge it or that you didn't have enough battery?For friends who don't have the habit of taking a spare battery, it may be more common. When the battery is lit red, but the shooting has not yet been completed, you may wish to try the following ways to save power, so that the remaining power can maximize its benefits.

1. Don't delete photos in the camera
Perhaps many of my friends have the habit of checking and deleting while watching, to save the later selection time and storage card capacity. However, when you have insufficient power, if you do not store the card capacity burst, it is recommended not to delete the file directly in the camera, because deleting the file must operate the processing system inside the camera, and it will consume a certain amount of power, so please wait until Go home and upload the computer directly before screening. Many users have the habit of deleting while shooting. Although they want to reduce the memory card usage, they are undoubtedly very power-hungry. In addition, the screen is a large consumer of electricity, so reducing the amount of screen usage is the key to power saving, then you should minimize the effect of repeatedly viewing photos.

2. Avoid repeated switching operations
When you see this, many people may wonder, "The power is almost insufficient, why is it still open?" Perhaps you don't know, in fact, compared to the standby state, it will consume more power when you reboot, especially digital SLR cameras, so it is recommended to keep the camera on during the pause.

3. Reduce some technical operations
Novice friends must always hear the focus principle of “first press the shutter to focus and then compose the picture”, and generally we have been used to half-pressing the shutter during the shooting process to pursue the accuracy of focusing. However, when your camera is already in a low battery state, you can try to see the effect of the shutter once in place, reducing the amount of operation of the autofocus system to save power. The zoom is mainly for a portable camera with a fixed lens and some telephoto cameras. To zoom, it usually consumes a certain amount of power to drive the autofocus motor. So in order to save power, you can use the manual focus mode, or reduce the frequency of zoom.

4. Reduce the frequency of flash use
Many cameras have a built-in flash design, which can be easily filled in some backlight or dark light environment, but the built-in flash not only has a harder light effect, but also consumes a lot of power. If the camera is running out of power, it is a must. Otherwise, do not use the internal flash to fill the light. If you have an external flash, please install it directly to shoot it, because it has independent battery support, relatively less power consumption, of course, it can be better to use ambient light.

Of course, in addition to the above mentioned points, there are some tips on the use of the camera battery, such as warming the battery in winter or low temperature environment can also increase battery life; if the camera is often inexplicably shut down, you can see if it is a battery The contacts have dirty things, and then wipe the contact points of the cleaning batteries with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol; in addition, most of the new cameras now support USB charging, and the outdoor can use the charging treasure to make up the battery life and so on.