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How to use the vacuum cleaner? 8 kinds of magical effects of vacuum cleaners!

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-08-08

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Everyone is familiar with the vacuum cleaner. It has a lot of uses. It is a good helper at home. It is not only easy to clean, but also dusty and dross. It has many unexpected magical effects.

1. A good helper for storage and storage
When we put the quilt or down jacket that we don't use in a special sealed bag, use a vacuum cleaner to pump the air inside. The bag will be flat at once, which is much better than the pump that comes with the bag. It's easy to get it done, which saves space and prevents moisture.

2. Help find small objects
Sometimes we will inevitably drop small things to the ground. If small pills or the like are good, if there is a needle or ear stud, there is a potential danger. This vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Pull out the head, then wrap the straw with silk stockings or gauze, adjust the wind, and slide it back and forth several times on the ground to easily suck the small things into the tuyere!

3. Repelling mosquitoes and killing small strong
Have you been disturbed by mosquitoes that you can't work or sleep, but you can't catch them? Are you getting a headache from the flies flying in the trash can? Can you be scared by the corners of the corners or don't want to take your body fluids? Step on everywhere? Use a vacuum cleaner! You will find this is definitely an artifact!

4. Clean hair massage for pets
There are pets in the house to pay attention to, the vacuum cleaner can help the pet to clean the hair, remember to first reduce the power of the vacuum cleaner before use, can be used with the pet's brush when sucking, to avoid hair flying, but also play The effect of the massage.

5. Dust removal, killing mites
Usually, the cover of our bedding may take some time to clean. After a long time, it will breed bacteria and dust mites, but we can't see it with the naked eye. At this time, you can use the vacuum cleaner to back and forth to absorb it again. It is better to match the bed brush.

6. Dust during drilling
The vacuum cleaner in the decoration also plays a big role. When you put a pendant on the wall ceiling, it is indispensable to see your eyes. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a pointed tip, and the suction head is placed under the impact drill bit, which can suck away the falling ash which is shot when the hole is drilled, no longer stains the wall surface, and can eliminate the trouble of dusty eyes.

7. Clean up computer appliances
Accumulated dust can damage many household appliances. For example, too much dust on the computer can affect heat dissipation and burn out the motherboard or CPU. The electric appliance can not be washed, and the wet cloth can be damaged. At this time, the vacuum cleaner will come in handy. With a slight suction, the dust is gone, simple and convenient!