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Hub usag

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-09-11

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The hub function is a device that randomly selects a port and allows it to monopolize the entire bandwidth and communicate with the hub's uplink device (switch, router, or server, etc.). It can be seen that the hub has the following two characteristics when it is working.

The first is that the Hub is just a multi-port signal amplification device. When a port receives a data signal during operation, the Hub has attenuated the signal because the signal has been attenuated during transmission from the source port to the Hub. The attenuated signal is regenerated (restored) to the state at the time of transmission, and then forwarded to all other ports that are in operation. It can be seen from the working mode of the Hub that it only plays the role of signal amplification and retransmission in the network. Its purpose is to expand the transmission range of the network without the directional transmission capability of the signal. It is a standard shared device. So some people call the hub a "stupid Hub" or "Dumb Hub."

However, as technology evolves and demand changes, many Hubs are broadened in functionality and are no longer affected by this working mechanism. The network composed of Hubs is a shared network, and the Hub can only work under half duplex.

The Hub is mainly used for the establishment of a shared network, and is the most economical solution for solving the problem directly from the server to the desktop. In a switched network, the Hub is directly connected to the switch and sends the data of the switch port to the desktop. The Hub network is flexible. It is in a star node of the network, and centrally manages the workstations connected to the nodes. The workstations that do not cause problems affect the normal operation of the entire network, and the users are free to join and quit.