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Is plant lighting the next niche market?

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-07-11

Is plant lighting the next niche market?

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LED plant lighting is the product of multidisciplinary and organic combination development of biology, bio-environmental engineering, LED lighting, and intelligent control technology. Since 2013, the output value of global LED application plant lighting has begun to show rapid growth. As an emerging market, plant lighting has attracted a large number of international giants.

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences predicts that according to the scale of China's existing agricultural industry, the demand for agricultural LED lighting and its control equipment will reach several billion yuan in the next five years. Plant factories and greenhouse fill light are the fastest growing semiconductor lighting. The field, high technical content, intelligent and systematic equipment, is the focus of the development of agricultural semiconductor lighting industry. LED plant lighting technology started late in China, and the promotion and application of LED light source in plant factories will be extensive year by year.

Nowadays, although LED plant lighting technology has been widely used in some fields, the high cost, lack of technology and imperfect policies still restrict its development.

However, whether it is from the perspective of promoting the development of modern agriculture or the realization of energy saving and environmental protection, the application of LED plant lights has very important significance. With the increase of the penetration rate of agricultural lighting in global LED applications, the future market prospect is broad.