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Model naming method of semiconductor discrete devices in Japan

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2017-12-15

The semiconductor discrete device produced in Japan consists of five to seven parts. It is usually used only in the first five parts, and the symbolic meanings of each part are as follows: Chip Electronics Stores was founded in 2003, specializing in electronic components distribution. We can provide you with electronic parts wholesales.

Part one: the number or type of the effective electrode of the device is represented by the number. 0- (Ji Guangmin) combined photoelectric diode transistor and the device, 1- diode, triode tube with 2 or two other PN node devices, 3- has four effective electrode or with three PN nodes, all of all other devices and so on.

The second part: the sign of the JEIA registration of the Japan Electronic Industry Association. S- represents a semiconductor discrete device registered in the Japanese Electronic Industry Association (JEIA). Chip Electronics Stores has a wide unobstructed Electronic Components Manufacturer china.

The third part: the use of letters to indicate the use of material polarity and type. A-PNP type high frequency tube, B-PNP type low frequency tube, C-NPN type high frequency tube, D-NPN low frequency tube, F-P control pole silicon controlled rectifier, G-N control pole silicon controlled rectifier, H-N base single junction transistor, J-P channel fet, K-N channel dfet, M- bidirectional thyristor.

The fourth part: the number is used to indicate the order number registered in JEIA of the Japan Electronic Industry Association. More than two integers, starting from "11", indicates the order number of JEIA registered by the Japan Electronics Industry Association. The same number of devices can be used by different companies with the same performance, the larger the number, the nearer the product is.

The fifth part: the alphabetical expression of the same model of the improved product logo. A, B, C, D, E, and F indicate that this device is an improved product of the prototype number product. If you want to get more information, please click Switches parts wholesales china.