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Obstacles to semiconductor breakthroughs

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2017-12-20

Driven by the growth of mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, the development of the global semiconductor industry is hopeful. The annual output value of the global semiconductor industry is about 300 billion dollars.

However, the big cake in the global semiconductor market, China has no opportunity to share. China imports more than 150 billion dollars a year, and the demand for China's semiconductor industry is so big, but the ability to supply it is not enough. The semiconductor industry in China is in a passive situation. To break this situation, we need to make great efforts to promote the following three aspects: Chip Electronics Stores was founded in 2003, specializing in electronic components distribution. We can provide you with semiconductors on sale.

First, the pace of the integration of China's semiconductor industry needs to be accelerated. The necessity and importance of industrial integration are generally recognized by the industry, but in the actual promotion, the strength is not enough. In 2012, the integration of the integrated circuit industry in China did not appear again. The total number of design enterprises reached 570, which was 36 more than that of the 534 in 2011. Although the industrial team is huge, it is still not strong. Industry integration is a continuous follow-up work, and industry colleagues need to continue to work.

Second, the linkage between domestic chips and the whole machine needs to improve the sense of urgency. The national "12th Five-Year" plan emphasizes the enhancement of the linkage between the chip and the whole machine, but the current linkage effect is not ideal. In the case of the whole enterprise, in 2012, the amount of the chip purchase amount alone associated with a company amounted to 7 billion 800 million US dollars. China chip enterprises, the domestic enterprises have to why detour? In the linkage chip and promote early, not only need to trust each other and the whole chip companies and cooperative enterprises, the enterprises concerned in linkage "risk" remains to be resolved. If this "risk" is only undertaken by the whole enterprise, the linkage can not be carried out well.

Third, the construction of the ecosystem is a long way to go. Apple and Samsung have become the top 10 purchasing companies, and their strength is rooted in the strong ecosystem. In today's competition, the ecosystem is the winner. For the Chinese semiconductor enterprises, there is still a long way to go for the construction of the ecosystem. Only by establishing a powerful and perfect ecosystem can the enterprise go further and go more steadily. Chip Electronics Stores has a wide unobstructed Electronic Components Manufacturer china.

At present, for China's semiconductor industry, we need to fix the three tasks of "industrial integration", "whole machine chip interaction" and "ecosystem construction". After repair the three lessons, talking about the industry bigger and stronger when the grand goal will be more confident in promoting industry bigger and stronger in the process will be more good.


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