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Seven common safety hazards in the use of wall switch sockets

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-04-08
What kind of switch socket is the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly?

In fact, this problem has been solved in the early product development of switch socket manufacturers. For example, we used the common voice-activated light. The voice-activated light actually uses sound as the “switching instruction” of the light. When there is sound, the light is controlled. The switch socket works on the connection. However, this may cause the light to come on because of noise. Nowadays, most of us use body-sensing switch sockets, which can sense the movement of human bodies. It is a passive human detector that automatically controls the light by detecting the brightness of the surrounding environment and the movement of the human body (change in temperature). Quietness will not disturb others. Resting, the person in the detection range walks, the switch is turned on, and after the person leaves the detection range, the switching delay is extinguished after a delay of several tens of seconds, which greatly facilitates the control and management of lamps in various public places and achieves the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

Starting with connecting household electrical appliances, using wall switches, and connecting sockets are the first steps we must start. We are in contact with wall switches and switch sockets every day, and it may be easy to ignore them for safe use. According to relevant data, the proportion of fire caused by fire in switch sockets is very large. Therefore, this article focuses on the seven major security risks commonly encountered in the use of wall switch sockets, as follows:

1 is the switch socket is pressed by flammable materials or dust falls into a short circuit, or installed in flammable and explosive dangerous places, spark plug when inserting or removing plug causes explosion and fire;

2 is the plug is not replaced in time, replace the plug with a bare wire to use, resulting in a short circuit or spark, causing flammable materials to catch fire;

3. Some bedside switches are put in place immediately after use. The switch hits the bed frame or wall and the outer insulation layer is damaged, which may cause short circuit.
4. The operating voltage and operating current of the lamp socket do not match the power of the socket used. Long-term overloading will cause fire if the temperature is too high.

5. Improper installation of the switch, especially if the switch is placed on a combustible object. Once the conductor from the lead wire is scratched, the core will be exposed or water vapor will infiltrate, causing a short circuit, or an arc will cause fire when the switch is disconnected. ;

Sixth, the distribution board is not placed in the junction box. When the fuse is blown, there will be splashing of hot metal particles, which will cause combustion under the combustible;

7. When a combustible gas used by a household leaks due to a pipe or valve and the combustible gas is mixed with air and reaches a certain limit, the electric switch that does not eliminate the arc device is opened or closed, sparks may be generated, and a fire or explosion may occur.

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