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The danger of electronic cigarettes

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on:2018-09-26

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For a long time, merchants have promoted the use of electronic cigarettes without harmful components such as tar and aerosols, and even in the product introduction, they used the banner of “smoking cessation artifact” and “clear lung”. As everyone knows, the safety of e-cigarettes has not been fully scientifically demonstrated. So far, there is no systematic electronic cigarette safety assessment data at home and abroad. Therefore, it is not yet possible to determine the potential risks that electronic cigarettes pose to users' health.

Experiments have shown that in the use of electronic cigarettes, in addition to nicotine, a variety of other undiscovered toxic compounds may be inhaled. At the same time, second-hand smoke from e-cigarettes can also endanger health. E-cigarettes also release inhalable liquid fines and ultrafine particles, nicotine and carcinogens into the room. Since e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, it is easier to mislead consumers into a safe and healthy misunderstanding.

In addition, the United States survey of youth smoking in the country showed that in 2013, more than 260,000 teenagers across the United States tried to smoke electronic cigarettes for the first time, a figure more than three times that of 2011. After eating the taste of e-cigarettes in 2013, 49.3% of teenagers plan to switch to traditional cigarettes, compared with 21.5% of young people who have tasted e-cigarettes in 2011.

Some electronic cigarettes have a high nicotine content, and the damage may be much higher than ordinary cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes do not contain tar, nicotine is not harmless, and simply inhaling nicotine also poses a health risk. Nicotine itself is not a carcinogen, but it can act as a "tumor promoter." Moreover, there is sufficient evidence to show that exposure to nicotine in the fetus and adolescents can have long-term adverse consequences for brain development.

The US Food and Drug Administration has tested the composition of 19 e-cigarettes on the market and found that e-cigarette smoking devices contain carcinogens and other chemicals that are toxic to humans. They also analyzed the two components of the best-selling electronic cigarettes, and found that one of the samples contained diethylene glycol. Large doses would damage the kidneys, and other samples found carcinogens such as nitrosamines. The French National Consumer Researcher also pointed out that some of the electronic cigarette products investigated in the study contained high levels of nicotine and could even kill a baby. Not only that, because the heating rate of the electronic cigarette device is too fast, a highly toxic molecule called acrolein is produced in the process.

In 2013, Dr. Elizabeth Porter, the head of the German Federal Health Education Center, conducted research and analysis on e-cigarettes and found that e-cigarettes contain a lot of propylene glycol, which can cause irritation to the respiratory tract and cause some acute symptoms. Therefore, she believes that e-cigarettes may be more harmful to human health than traditional cigarettes.