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The importance of UPS systems to data centers

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-08-06

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For the data center, failures will inevitably occur during the operation of the power system. Although the probability of failure is small and the duration is not long, the consequences are often very serious. When the power system fails, the operating state will undergo a drastic change. Therefore, the application of the UPS system is especially important for the uninterrupted operation of the power system of the equipment room. Daily inspection and maintenance of the UPS system is also a top priority.

UPS inspection and maintenance:
Regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment room is the most effective way to reduce accidents. The important part of reducing accidents is suitable professional testing tools for temperature detection of equipment room battery, UPS power supply, cabinet PDU power distribution cabinet, etc., including battery tester. Infrared temperature tester, internal resistance tester, etc., can provide professional data reference by using professional computer tester, so as to update battery UPS power distribution cabinet and switch in time, in order to effectively reduce the incidence of accidents.

The importance of UPS batteries:
UPS power supply is the power guarantee for many computer rooms, ensuring the continuity of power supply and ensuring the safety of the power supply system. UPS power supply plays an important role in safety protection at all times. The battery is an important part of UPS, and the battery is the last guarantee for power supply. Undoubtedly the last insurance in UPS power supply, its quality is directly related to whether the UPS is working properly. According to the survey statistics, the accident analysis caused by the failure of UPS power supply can find that more than 50% of the accidents are caused by battery faults. The battery is a link of high UPS power failure rate, which shows that the battery operation safety is improved. The necessity and urgency of reliability.