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The role of the indicator light

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on:2018-09-10

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1, the oil indicator
This indicator light is used to indicate the pressure condition of the engine oil. When the key door is opened, the indicator light is on when the vehicle is self-testing, and it is turned off after starting. According to the introduction of the driving school of Gangcheng City, the indicator light is always on, indicating that the engine oil pressure of the vehicle is lower than the prescribed standard and needs to be repaired.

2, water temperature indicator
The water temperature indicator mainly displays the temperature of the coolant in the engine. It only lights for a few seconds during the self-test of the vehicle, and is normally turned off. Usually we hear more so-called "opening" of the engine, which means that the temperature of the coolant exceeds the specified value. At this time, it should be immediately suspended for maintenance.

3, hand brake indicator
The most common mistake a novice can make is that the car has a hand brake but has not been put down. The indicator light is a circle! Or P letter, usually turned off. This indicator lights automatically when the handbrake is pulled up. At present, only some models have warning sounds when the hand brake is not being used.

4, battery indicator
The life of a new car battery is at least two years, but if it is a used car or a stock car, you need to pay attention to this indicator in advance. The light is also illuminated when the vehicle self-tests, and is extinguished after starting. If the indicator is always on after startup, the battery needs to be replaced.

5, ABS indicator
The ABS lamp does not flash when the engine is turned on or does not go out after starting, indicating that the ABS has failed.

6, seat belt indicator
The indicator light showing the status of the seat belt, according to the model, the light will light for a few seconds to prompt, or until the seat belt is fastened, and some cars will have an audible prompt.

7, engine working status indicator
Lights up after the switch is turned on, turns off after about 3-4 seconds, and the engine is normal. If it is not bright or long, it indicates that the engine is faulty and needs to be repaired in time.

8, brake indicator
The function of the car indicator is to show the brake disc wear and brake system status. If it is always on, you should check the brake system immediately.

9, fueling indicator
When you see this light on, it means that the amount of oil in the fuel tank is very small. It is best to enter the gas station immediately.

10, airbag indicator
The airbag indicator light is an indicator light that indicates the working status of the airbag. It lights up after the switch is turned on. It turns off after about 3-4 seconds, indicating that the system is normal. If it is not lit or the constant indicates that the system is faulty.