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The smart + wireless audio industry is really at the forefront

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-07-10

The smart + wireless audio industry is really at the forefront

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The audio field has always been a cold industry in the Internet era. However, the trend of painting in 2017 has changed dramatically, and it almost takes the lead of scientific and technological products with rapid development. Due to the domestic and foreign technology giant successively layout, audio products gradually toward the development of intelligent and wireless, became the first entrance of smart home and AI, and in the two aspects of hardware and software have a larger breakthrough.

1. Changes in software -- intelligent voice assistant

When it comes to the intelligence of audio products in 2017, we have to mention the corresponding software matching, which is the intelligent voice assistant. In fact, the intelligent voice assistant is not exclusive, audio products are probably more on the phone before we come into contact with this thing, and now in addition to the mobile phone, the speakers and headphones audio products, such as intelligent voice assistant has been used up.

Intelligent voice assistant we're dealing with here is not a simple one-way voice prompt of the machine, for example when pressing a key will give you the sort of low-level audio feedback, but can realize simple man-machine voice interaction, you give it a voice commands, it gives you a voice feedback. We can see that behind all these smart audio hardware, almost all based on intelligent voice assistant support, and behind the voice assistant is deep learning, big data and cloud computing's strong support.

To introduce intelligent voice assistant audio hardware products is a revolution in the field of audio, this means that "all things connected" expands further, finally no longer is the age of the Internet audio products bystanders.

2. Changes in hardware -- smart speaker has become a new favorite of science and technology

What is the hottest concept in the tech world this year? Artificial intelligence, of course! It's an annual event.

What is the connection between smart speakers and artificial intelligence? From the generalized definition of artificial intelligence, intelligent speaker belongs to carry a product of artificial intelligent technology, you can use intelligent speakers built-in intelligent voice assistant to control and arrange a lot of things. But why sound boxes instead of TVS, fridges or other products? The choice of speakers is based on our own communication habits. Voice is the most natural and direct way of communication.

So what do we feel most natural about making a sound in our daily lives? The trumpet, of course! If you plug it into a specific scene, it's the sound box we're most familiar with. Speaker is a pure voice based products, upon its did not attach images or text and other auxiliary information, so in daily application level of artificial intelligence, choose the speakers as entrance can be said to be the inevitable result. That's why smart speakers are the new darling of technology.

New technologies and new trends are emerging, and old things are accelerating their exit from history. Standing in the wind, the audio industry has caught up with both opportunities and challenges.