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The superiority of the transistor

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-10-08

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Compared with electron tubes, transistors have many advantages:

Component is not consumed

No matter how good the tube, it will gradually deteriorate due to changes in cathode atoms and chronic air leaks. For technical reasons, the same problem existed at the beginning of transistor fabrication. With advances in material fabrication and many improvements, transistors have a lifetime that is typically 100 to 1000 times longer than tubes, and they are a permanent device.

Very little power consumption

It is only one tenth or one tenth of the tube. It does not require heating the filament to create free electrons like a tube. A transistor radio can be heard for half a year with only a few dry batteries, which is difficult for tube radios.

No need to warm up

Work when you turn it on. For example, when the transistor radio is turned on, it will appear soon after the transistor TV is turned on. Tube equipment can't do this. After booting up, I have to wait for a while to hear the sound and see the picture. Obviously, transistors are very advantageous in military, measurement, recording, etc.

Robust and reliable

It is 100 times more reliable than the tube, and it is resistant to shock and vibration. This is unmatched by the tube. In addition, transistors are only one-tenth to one-hundth of the size of a tube, and emit very little heat, which can be used to design small, complex, and reliable circuits. Although the manufacturing process of the transistor is precise, the process is simple, which is advantageous for increasing the mounting density of components.