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UV Erasers:UV printing

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-03-12
The application of UV printing is one of the most important parts of the printing industry.

There is no doubt that deep processing of packaging, such as Gekin, laminating, pressure bump and various glazing applications, has been very common, and the special effect glazing has become a trend. The rise of a variety of lighting technologies is largely due to the development of technology and the configuration of the printing machine. In the folding carton printing of cosmetics and cigarettes, the single paper offset machine occupies an absolute advantage. For the special parts of the offset printing that are difficult to complete, it can be realized by silk screen or single intaglio.

At present, the multi unit glazing unit has become the most basic component of sheet fed offset press. It can easily finish the special effect of glazing. Cosmetic packaging will often use some special materials. Metal card, composite cardboard and aluminum coated paper, and gloss treated cardboard are applied more and more widely in the field of cosmetic packaging, showing a sustained and steady growth trend. New transparent composite materials have also begun to be used in plastic box packaging. Because these substrates cannot be printed by ordinary way, we must achieve the desired effect through UV technology. Therefore, not only more and more UV glazing is applied, but also the use of UV printing ink is more common.

In this trend, UV printing will be the standard configuration in the future, and the quality of a stable printing operation is no longer as lucky as ever. The strong paper curing system is only the most basic configuration, and the intermediate unit is no longer luxury equipment. These devices provide wide application space for printing enterprises, and can fully meet all kinds of special requirements of the cosmetics industry. UV printing technology mainly refers to the use of special UV ink to achieve local or overall UV printing effect on UV printing machine. It is mainly suitable for printing non absorbent materials, such as gold card paper, silver card paper, pearlescent paper, transparent adhesive, plastic, PVC, PE, grating and so on.

Compared with the traditional offset printing UV has a bright color, special printing materials, new products, market prospects and other characteristics, suitable for high-end boutique packaging, high-end business name card album, calendar, special special label printing and other products in the field, you can search the special label printing, have introduced the UV printing.

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