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the development and future of China's game live broadcasting industry

  • Author:chipstores
  • Source:chipstores.com
  • Release on :2018-06-07

In recent years, the development of China's game industry has gradually developed steadily. With the rapid development of games such as League of Legends, the Chinese game industry has achieved a qualitative leap. In recent years, the rise of the Jedi community and other types have given rise to a feverish “eat chicken” in China. People have become more aware of the game and their attitudes have gradually become more open. The Chinese game market is also becoming wider and wider. it is good.

Create a new game IP ecosystem

Many well-known domestic companies pay more and more attention to the game culture and game IP developed independently. The creation of a native game IP ecosystem has also become a major task for major companies. The concept of IP is valued as an advancement in the game industry. After all, the birth of every game is the recognition of the users, and it proves their uniqueness. At the same time, it can also form a good game culture to spread. After all, cultural communication is subtle, far-reaching and lasting. When the game industry has its own IP culture, this will certainly become a qualitative change in development.

As a big player in China's gaming industry, Tencent started to create a game ecosystem with WeGame, and many players began to have a new understanding of the game's cultural concept. Players can feel different games from this new game environment. Experience, this is also a successful case of domestic game ecology environment. As a game ecosystem, high-quality content filling is also very important: In addition to the game is the content of the user's most attention is the performance of content, from the current point of view of WeGame on the content control, mostly for the game content, game strategy, game integration. It can be seen that Tencent is a big player in the game industry. Apart from paying attention to the game itself, the game live broadcast is also a key point. Tencent released its own mobile broadcast platform in the first few years of last year. Last year, it also made a strong investment in the Huya live broadcast and betta live broadcast. From these points of view, Tencent seems to have captured the development trend and dynamics of the game industry.

Linkage between live broadcast industry and game industry

In fact, Tencent's behavior is not difficult to understand, for the current Chinese game industry, in addition to the power of the game itself, there is a very strong force that has driven the development of the Chinese game industry, that is, the rise of China's live broadcast platform. However, the rise of the live broadcasting platform is not as simple as overnight. Both the user demand and the capital boost are an invisible force to promote its development. The live broadcasting platform is a novel expression and a big demand in China. It came into being. In recent years, there have been more and more live broadcast platforms in China, presenting a prosperous scene of contending with hundreds of flowers. However, this raises people's doubts as to whether the presence of domestic live broadcasting platforms will lead to saturation of the industry. status?